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Episode 6

During week six’s podcast, Russ and Lindz focus on movies and politics. From Suicide Squad, Allegiant, and the Top 100 Movies of All Time to Trump, Hilary, and moderators; these two topics are a hefty load.

Top 100 Movies of All Time https://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/

Episode 1

This is the Unholy Union where you will be subjected to highly offensive marital discourse. If you do not feel insulted during this week’s episode, don’t worry; we’ll try harder next week. And if you can relate to our ramblings then we want to be friends with you! If you believe that we take it too far or our mouths are too much for you then with as much love and sincerity as we can muster, you can suck it. Welcome to the Unholy Union.

During this episode of the Unholy Union, Russ and Lindz introduced themselves and began discussing this week’s highlights. From Pokemon Go to the DNC, e-cigarettes to The Walking Dead, no stone was left unturned. Check back weekly for new episodes.